My Stitch Along July week 3

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Stitching week - woohoo. My favorite part. First things first and that is to cut a new background so I can make this design a little larger than minute. I always giggle at the word "minute". How can a word sound so different and have different meanings yet be spelled the same? The English language makes no sense at times! In this case, I'm meaning, extremely small, not a period of time.

Let me get back on track! I removed all the paper backings from my triangles and pressed them onto the background, which I cut to 15" square. I figured, better to be larger and cut it back, than be too small. I decided to have the gold triangle in the gaps and all the points of the triangles pointing inward.fabric triangles pressed on background fabric

Next I cut batting and as it happened, 15" was a perfect size as I had a strip of batting exactly that width which I'd just cut off one side of the quilt I was working on. It was made to fit. I decided to use my theme fabric for the backing and I cut it larger as I might just pull it around from the back to form the binding.block layered with backing fabric and batting

If I do decide to make the binding this way, I should really make sure the batting is completely even with the top before I start. That's really easy with my 15" square. I can just trim around all edges at once.trimming to 15 inches square is easy with a 15 inch ruler

Now it is time to start stitching. This week I need to add some couching so I'm thinking I should do this first. I found two threads, a gold and a mother-of-pearl. They are both glitzy, but the gold is a little thicker and I think it suits the fabrics better. It also makes the gold stand out in my theme fabric very well.glitter threads gold and mother of pearl

To couch this on, I threaded up my machine with gold thread and selected a narrow zigzag. I started halfway down one long side of the triangle.start couching midway along one side

The needle down feature on my sewing machine is a must for this as it makes turning corners a breeze. I make sure the needle is down on the inside of the corner which makes turning the cord very neat.

Before I reach the start again, I trim off the threads really close to the fabric so I can take the end of the cord just over the start and secure it.trim start of cord before stitching over it

Here's how the gold cord looks.cord couched around triangle edges

and from another angle.cord couched around several triangles

Now to stitch the other triangles. This time I'm going to use matching rayon threads. I really like stitching with these fine threads. I have chosen a blue and orange. The orange looks a bit bright on the reel, but check out the stitching below on how well it blends into the and blue rayon threads

I've edge stitched all the remaining and blue stitching around triangles

Now I want to add a little more stitching. I'm going to outline the colored triangles with dark thread. Dark blue on the blue triangles and dark brown on the gold ones.dark threads to outline triangles

I'm liking the effect very much.outline stitching closeup

I've added a photo of the block in the Gallery, be sure to check it out.

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