My Stitch Along July week 4

Posted by Ruth on 26 July 2015 | 2 Comments
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Time to finish up this challenge. I decided to add some more quilting to my piece as I wanted the triangles to pop a little so I added some small stippling in the background starting in the center. I used a pale blue variegated thread.stipple starting in center of the block

Here you can see where I started in the center but here it is again, at a slightly different angle. I just like this shot so wanted to share it too.stipple starting in center at a different angle

The small stippling took longer than I intended so I took some progress shots. I'm about halfway through here, taking a break to rest my shoulders a little.half the stipple quilting completed

At one point, my bobbin ran out so I had to fill it. I pulled the top thread through the needle so I didn't have a sudden stop in the color. Once the right color was at the needle again, I was able to continue on. Now when I clip the thread, you won't see the break.bobbin ran out so there is a break in the thread

Here is my block with the quilting all finished and ready to bind. I love how the variegated thread has changed the fabric. It looks like there are little squiggles over it.stipple is finished and block is ready to bind

And here is a closeup of the stitching where you can see those squiggles more clearly.closeup of stipple quilting

I folded the backing fabric (which was the theme fabric) around to the front to form the binding, but I'm not sure I like it. What do you think?binding with theme fabric

How about the blue?binding with blue fabric

or the gold?binding with gold fabric

Which do you like best? Let's take a vote. Leave a comment below telling me which your favorite is, then I can get this piece finished and in the gallery.


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  • Thank you Barbara.

    Posted by Ruth, 27/07/2015 7:50am (6 years ago)

  • Beautiful. You share such good techniques.

    Posted by Barbara, 27/07/2015 7:18am (6 years ago)

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