My Stitch Along November Week 2

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Are you ready to start putting your fabrics together? If you missed this week's rules, check back to Thursday's post: Week 2 rules. It won't take long to catch up. This week I'm working with two sets of fabrics so I'll be following the second option (or not)...

I cut four 1" strips of my light browns and joined them together.

first fabric strips joined

I cut the strips on an angle, then cut four angled sections using my rotary cutter and ruler. These really don't need to be accurate. The 2.5" measurement I mentioned in the rules is just a guideline.

strip cut into diagonal sections

I had a few scraps of green fabric, but added some extra strips to make up my pile.

strips and pieces of second color - green

On with the first piece.... press and trim. I don't like straight parallel strips for this so I cut it on an angle. It is just easier to work with straight strips to begin with.

first section attached and trimmed

Here are my four blocks with one green fabric on each side. Wonky shapes for sure, but that's okay.

four wonky blocks all with second fabrics on all sides

I took a little detour from the instructions here. I decided there was a little too much brown and I didn't like the even strips so I went ahead and cut the blocks through the middle on an angle.

units cut through center on an angle

.... then mixed them up and joined them together again.

units mixed then rejoined

I trimmed off the sides with the join to make them straight so I could add more strips. Now the brown is a little more interesting.

units trimmed to straighten edges and ready to add to

To speed things up, I lay the blocks along one strip for joining. That way I could sew them all at once - known as chain stitching.

chain stitching on another strip - all four blocks stitched then cut apart

Some more strips added and I'm almost to 5". Just a few more needed.

almost large enough - needs to reach 5"

Here are my four blocks. The sides are not parallel, but that doesn't matter at all.four blocks completed

I'm looking forward to next week when things start to get a little more interesting!


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