My Stitch Along November Week 3

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This week is where all the fun begins. I love auditioning different combinations and seeing which I like best. To start out, I cut my four background squares. I made them 5-1/2" which gives me 1/2" seam allowances to work with, if I need them. If not, I can always trim them down.background squares cut out

I cut my fusible into 5" squares and drew a pear shape onto them. I like simple shapes, they are easy to work with and not complicated at all.pear drawn on fusible webbing

Next I pressed the drawn fusible onto the backs of the background...drawn fusible pressed to back of squares

and cut them out.pear shape cut out of background

This left me with four pear shapes to use later or in another project (I've already been auditioning them on another background)

Now it's time to play around with the backgrounds on the pieced blocks....pear auditioned on background - highlight centered

pear auditioned on background - highlight to leftI could play a long time doing this...pear auditioned on background - highlight to far left

pear auditioned on background - highlight to right

... but then I decided to have the highlights just off center to the right a little. I placed all blocks in a similar position.all pears auditioned together with highlight toward the right

I used the tip of the iron, just to press the edge of the background (where the pear was cut out), in place. I needed to be careful not to press any more down!use tip of iron to press edge only

Now to top-stitch it. I used free-motion, but you could easily use a straight stitch. I find it easier to maneuver around the shape though.stitch close to edge of shape

I'm ready to trim that patchwork area away...trim leaving quarter inch seam allowance

That didn't take long and I'm left with some excess - maybe enough for another block.trimmed excess showing back with seam allowance

Here is how the front looks...block stitched and trimmed right side

I repeated the same thing for all the blocks to end up with four.four pear blocks completed

That was fun!

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