My Stitch Along September Week 3

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Last week I finished up by trying to decide on which design to use. If you miss last week's post, check back here: September Stitch Along week 2. Before deciding, I thought it might be best to try out a few quilting designs first. That was easy using Inkscape to draw my quilting design and then lay it over the photos. It's a good way to see what might work and what won't. Here are some options I came up with....

On this fractal, I continue the inner spiral using the smallest shape.duplicating design for quilting inner spiral

Then I tried continuing the spiral to make the whole design larger using one of the larger shapes.duplicating design for larger design

I wondered how both looked together.both inner and outer quilting designs used

Then I used part or all of the inner spiral design to add quilting to the three empty corners.small quilting designs added to corners

I rather liked those spiral groupings so I tried it on one of the other designs.small spirals on another design

Then I wondered how it would look if I used that same design on the applique shapes themselves. I couldn't see them in black, so I changed the lines to white. They really stood out.more quilting designs auditioned

As you can see, I was having a lot of fun with these design... I could play here for ages, but I really must get on with the job so I decided to use one of the fractal designs. Two reasons, one I really liked that spiral effect and two, I have not made a fractal before so figured this was a great opportunity. I pressed the pieces in place.applique pressed in place

I used the backing paper on the smallest shape to draw the first quilting shape on the background.paper backing for quilting template

Then I trimmed the paper down and traced around it again.paper backing trimmed smaller template

One more will just squeeze in.three small quilting designs drawn in center

I did the same for the larger sections on the outer end of the fractal.larger quilting designs to continue design

Then I used the small design to add into the corners.groups of three small quilting designs in corners

With all the quilting designs drawn on, I selected the threads to use to stitch the applique in place - a silky yellow and a variegated purple, they look the perfect shades.yellow silky and variegated purple threads for applique stitching

I started with the yellow, just once around those tiny shapes.yellow applique stitched around once

.... And once around the purple sections. I was a little unsure about the variegated thread as some parts of it were very light on the dark purple applique. The dark thread didn't seem to matter so much on the light fabric however. I noticed while stitching, the applique shapes pulled slightly apart - this is why normally, I add an overlap of fabrics which wasn't an option for this challenge though.purple applique stitched around once

I carried on and decided to go around all the raw edges again, this time in a very dark purple. I like how it frames the pieces and...dark purple stitching around outside edges

see in this close-up, how it closed the gap between them... it didn't actually close it as such, just darken it so you could not see the pale blue background showing through. Something to remember!dark purple stitching closeup

I moved on to the quilting using the same dark through. I quilted the inner section first and then the larger sections. After quilting in the first corner however, I felt the design was losing its appeal being all the same color so I did a little bit of frog stitching (ripping) and removed the one corner I'd quilted.dark purple thread for quilting

I changed it out for a light purple which I felt was so much better.quilting completed using light and dark purple threads

Now with the quilting done, it is time to choose some sort of embellishment. I thought about coughing some thread, but then decided against that and went to look for a yellow "something" to put in the very center of the spiral. This is what I came up with.

embellishment - bells embellishment friends with heart
embellishment - pencil embellishment - bow
embellishment - heart embellishment - smallbeads
embellishment - bugle beads

What's your favorite?

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