My Stitch Along September Week 4

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I'm back to finish off my Challenge quilt. Not too much to do this week, or is there? I did get a little carried away with the quilting. You see, I wondered how it would look if I quilted fine rows in the background, close together and of course, once started, I couldn't just stop. It had to be completed. I used a light blue rayon thread and started in the center.

background quilting of fine lines close together

This is how it ended up all quilted, which took at least a couple of hours, but I like the effect.

background quilting completed over entire blue background

So with all the quilting complete, I squared the whole piece up. By making it 12.5 square means I was able to keep the quilted shapes all within the binding - just. 

block trimmed to 12 and a half inches

I used the dyed purple fabric to bind it, using my favorite method of continuous strip, mitered corners and single layer.

sewing on purple binding with mitered corners

With the strip sewn in place on the right side, I fold it over to the back. The miters fold nicely in place and I hand stitch it down. This doesn't take too long with such a small piece.

binding folded to back pinned and ready for handstitching

One last thing to do, go check my facebook post to see how many votes we have on bugle beads or heart charm for the center. Seeing as I had a tie up until now, I figured I'd give it one more chance.

yellow heart embellishment yellow bugle beads

The winner was the heart, but only counting the likes on the individual photos as well, so that's what I've added.... and this is how it looks all finished.

Finished stitch along challenge for September 2015

I think I might hang it the other way, now that I see it here on the page. Actually, it might even look good on point. Hmmmm now I'm thinking about extending it into something larger.... I'll think about that one as I start preparing for the next challenge. Remember to look for this on Friday which will be the start of October Stitch Along. Hope you'll join me this time.


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