Stitch Along December Week One rules

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Is everyone ready for the last stitch along of the year? Where did this year go? We will be doing something quite different this month. Not too difficult because I know December is always a very busy time, but this challenge could be made into an extra little gift for someone if you finish it a little early. So here goes...

December Stitch Along Rules

Gather up all the coloring items you can find. These can be paints, pens, coloring pencils, crayons, inks. Anything used for coloring on fabric. Don't worry so much if they are not intended for fabric. For example Crayola crayons can be heat set on fabric to make them permanent and Sharpie pens may run a little, but that's okay for this. As long as they can add color of some sort to your fabric, they will work.

threads, beads, yarn and glitter - embellishments for stitch alongNext collect a number of threads. You'll need some to match the colors of your coloring items, but you'll also want lighter, darker and contrast threads as well. You'll possibly want black and white too. We'll see how it turns out, you are not required to use them all and may just want to match up threads after week two.

Beads: You'll need beads for week four of this challenge. Keep them small. Remember the project is small so you don't want large beads. You may want to collect some other items like yarn or glitter too.

A light piece of fabric about the size of a page or a little larger. 12" square is a good size and add half an inch to make into a 12" finished block. You'll possibly want to have a piece of freezer paper the same size, but this is optional.

That's it, gather up your items and get ready to begin. 

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