Stitch Along December Week Two rules

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I've drawn up three designs for this week. I had the help of EQ7 and its kaleidoscope tool. You can choose any one of them for this challenge.

december challenge designs

Here are the three drawings - downloads are below

December Stitch Along Rules Week 2

Download and print the design of your choice to work with. You might want to print the design a couple of times and practice coloring it in first before you start on fabric.

drawing 1 for December challenge drawing 2 for December challenge drawing 3 for December challenge

Use your printed drawing to draw the design onto your light fabric using a permanent fabric pen or if you don't want the lines to show, use a quilters pencil. Remember however, the lines might not disappear when you add paint or color.

Another alternative is to work on a light box with the design underneath and paint/color directly on top of the light box without drawing the lines through.

Next color your fabric in any way you wish using the paints, colored pens, crayons or whatever you collected last week. Be sure to heat set them if necessary. It will be fun to see what you come up with so be sure to send me a photo.

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