Challenge rules February week 1

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Another challenge is about to begin. Did you check the gallery update for January? Maybe this month you will join in. The first week will just be collecting fabrics and accessories to use, you are not committed to using them all or you can add to them as you go along. Let's get started.

Challenge Week 1 rules

We are going to use a phrase and create something that we might consider represents that phrase. As mentioned above, all that is required this week is to collect fabrics and accessories you might use to represent it. Don't feel committed to using what you collected, but do send in a photo of what you select. It is often fun to watch the changes occur as we move along.

Our phrase is "darkness to light".

You may select fabrics, threads, embellishments or anything you might consider represents that phrase which can be used in your small project. Take a photo and send it in for the gallery. 

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