Challenge rules for April week 2

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This week we are going to be treating the challenge a little differently. Instead of me giving you rules again next week, I'm going to include week 2 and 3 here this week. Are you ready? Here we go:

April Stitch Along Week 2 and 3 rules

Make a final selection of what you will use, one item/technique for each letter for "Stitch Along". If you cannot decide on something for a letter, find a fabric print of a word that begins with the letter - say I for ice cream (yummy my favorite), cut it out and applique it to your project OR perhaps you might choose the word 'invisible' and have a cat hiding in a flower bed invisible to the eye...  Anything goes as long as you can represent each letter.

Split you items into two groups - they don't have to be evenly split but each group should have at least one piece of fabric in it.

Remembering to keep your challenge piece to the size of a piece of paper (or a square if you'd like to end up with a pot holder or cushion) make two quilt tops - one for week one and the other for week two, using one group of items for each. They need to be finished at the same size as one will become the front of your quilt, the other becomes the back.

Send in a photo for week 2 of the front and a photo for week 3 of the back - or the other way around, but let me know which it is you are sending in so I don't get them mixed.

I cannot wait to see what you do - and figure out what I'll create! Remember to check out the April gallery, you might also add some more words to the list before you get started.

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