Challenge Rules for June week 1

Posted by Ruth on 29 May 2014 | 2 Comments


June 1st is Sunday so we see a new stitch along challenge. Our theme for this month is Shapes. Are you ready to get started?

First select a background fabric. Don't select something too busy - a solid could work well. You'll need it to be the size of your finished piece plus seam allowances of course, so around the size of a standard piece of paper - A4 or letter sizes, or if you want to finish up with a cushion, then a 12" or 14" square will work well.

Now select ONE of the following groups. Note: fabric in the following groups should contrast the background so they stand out and not blend into too much.

  • Strips: cut 10" long strips (don't have to be exact). Use various widths no larger than 1-1/2" wide. Join them together to make a 10" square - or there abouts.
  • Squares: cut squares of various sizes - no larger than 2-1/2". Join them together to make a block approximately 10" square
  • Triangles: cut triangles or make 1/2 square triangle units. Join them together to make a block approximately 10" square

Remember, only select one group!

Notice I said approximate for the block. At this stage it doesn't matter the size as long as you have pieces joined together. We'll work on the size and shape next week. Have fun!

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  • Sorry Kay, didn't see your post!
    It doesn't matter what size you make it, it doesn't have to be any particular size because you're going to be cutting it up.

    Posted by Ruth, 06/06/2014 10:59pm (6 years ago)

  • If we are doing 9 x 12 like paper, do we still need the square 10" or would it exceed the 9" portion?

    Posted by Kay Chavez, 02/06/2014 8:39am (6 years ago)

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