Challenge Rules for May week 2

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More rules for May! You bet, but remember to check out the gallery too. 

Let's make this week simple.

1: From your two main fabrics (step-1 & step-2 from first week rules) cut out two background sections. Make these paper size or square if you want to turn this into a cushion or perhaps a pot holder. Just keep them small, within 12" square.

2: From your theme fabric you should have selected one element. Make that element into a simple applique shape. It can be very much simplified or you can do detail if you want. If your element is small on the fabric be sure to enlarge it. You want it at least 4-5".  I suggest you use fusible for the applique shape. Remember to reverse the shape if drawing onto fusible.

3: Fuse and cut out two of your applique shapes from the fabrics that you selected in #3 of the first week rules OR cut them out of your two main fabrics, one from each fabric, but NOT from the background pieces you just cut in step 1 above.

4: Position your applique shapes on the background. Make sure you position them in the same place on both pieces, as accurately as you can. 

That's it. No sewing. Just send me a photo when you are done of both your backgrounds with applique fused in place. If you are not fusing, then pinned in place. Don't stitch at this time.

Good luck!

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