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B is for birthday and also for Bonus. This month we have 5 Sundays so that's a bonus and this month is also my birthday month so I thought that might be a good reason to select the letter B. B is also for Blue (my favorite color) and balloons which of course is associated with birthday. Let's put it all together and see what we can come up with.

Okay, what are we going to need?

Anything you feel will represent Birthday in the way of fabric. It might just be a "Bright" fabric (another B word) or it might be a print that you associate with birthday. You will need one main fabric which you will cut two 12" squares from. I'll say approximately 12" because it really doesn't matter just don't make them too small.

Other things you will need:

  • Something blue (this could be included in your fabric above or a different fabric)
  • Some scraps of fabric - make them scraps that will stand out on the main pieces above.
  • A ribbon (it could be blue or any other color) or a fine cord will also work
  • An embellishment or button that you might associate with birthday
  • One Word that you associate with Birthday (you don't physically need the word, just let me know what it is)

You will also need a backing fabric and fine batting (maybe instead of batting you'll try flannel instead), but no need to get those right now. We probably won't need them for a week or two. There will be other bits and pieces you'll need along the way too like fusible web, paper, plastic etc. Now that's got you thinking!

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