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Welcome back to our second week of August Stitch Along rules. This week we are going to do something a little more challenging, just for fun. If you feel it is too challenging, then use whatever method you prefer.

Week 2 Rules for August Stitch Along

Remember that word you selected last week? This week you are going to make that word using some sort of paper product. It can be colored paper, letters cut out of a magazine, light-weight card or even Tyvek. If you have something similar, that isn't really classed as fabric, then go ahead and use that.

You will be making your word or you can make just the first letter of your word. IE P is for Party. Don't make it too small. If it is just one letter, make it at least 3" high. If you are cutting individual letters out, glue them to a piece of paper in a decorative sort of arrangement. You don't want it larger than 3" wide but it can be 6" or so long. 

You may need some clear plastic too, but this is optional. I'll show you what to do with this when I write my blog post on the weekend so you get the idea. If you are using Tyvek, you probably won't need the plastic. A thick-ish plastic bag does the trick, like a freezer bag or a clear folder you use to store pages in.

I'm sure I've got your curiosity sparked!

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