Challenge Rules for Stitch Along Week 4

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Did you work on your design area last week? Be sure to check back for the measurements in the Week 3 rules. If you missed the earlier rules for this Stitch Along Challenge, you can find them here: Week 1 and Week 2.

Week 4 Rules for August Stitch Along

This week were are going to turn your challenge project into a gift tote. Easy enough to do. 

Layer the two 12" blocks units together, right sides facing each other. If you didn't add design to your second square, then layer it as if you were and baste around the outside to hold the layers together.

Stitch a seam around the two sides and across the bottom, leaving the top edge open.

Stitch along sides and bottom

Flatten the tote from one corner where the side and bottom seams meet, so the two seams meet each other and you form a triangle point as shown in the photo below. Make sure the seams are aligned together to be sure this works correctly. Then stitch across the point, 2" up from the point, perpendicular to the seam as shown.

Create a triangle point

It's a little hard to explain clearly without lots of details so if you are having problems, wait for my blog post which I hope to post Sunday giving more details or you might want to purchase this download which also includes full instructions for a pocketed tote and cushion as well. It's only $4.99 Tote-a-block

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