My April Stitch Along week 2

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This week I chose just some of my fabrics and techniques (as per rules posted for week 2) to start the front of my challenge piece. I chose indigo fabric, turquoise fabric, silver lame, turquoise thread, nylon thread and included some applique shapes and leaves. I've already used seven of the eleven letters/words. Just four to go - olive, green, charms, hand stitching.

So what did I do? First I cut out a background from the indigo fabric. Then some applique shapes from the turquoise and leaves from the silver.

I used the curvy applique shapes through the length of the background...

and then tucked the silver leaves under the edges.

Next I layered my front section with a very thin batting and interfacing, then I coughed the turquoise thread which was a thick rayon thread along the inner curved shape using the nylon thread for stitching. I had tried to thread the rayon through the needle but it was just too thick and I didn't particularly want to use it in the bobbin, so coughing ended up being the technique for this. Oh oh, I just realized I have another C word! I could have coughing instead of charms.

I continued on with the stitching using the nylon invisible thread to stitch the leaves in place, then I used a cotton embroidery thread to stitch the outer curves twice. This is how it ended up. I'm thinking this could make a pretty cool panel down a jacket front!

The April gallery has been updated. Kay sent in some adjustments for her challenge piece and I added my image for week two. Looking forward to seeing others appear there too.


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