My August Stitch Along Week 1

Posted by Ruth on 4 August 2014 | 0 Comments


I had fun gathering up some things for this month's stitch along challenge. The first week is always reasonably easy in that sense, it is more difficult thinking up what sort of challenge we will do next! I need to start taking in some notes during the month to help me out for the next month...

So what did I gather up? I found a fun spotty fabric that I thought would represent my birthday fabric. Spots are good, although ribbons might have been better. I just didn't have any :) I selected a few other fabrics to compliment the spots. Nice and bright!

bright fabrics for birthday stitch along

I didn't cut out my main pieces yet. I'll do that next week.

I also went about collecting some embellishments and ribbons. I see I'm getting quite low on these things and should really invest in some more. Perhaps next time I go shopping I'll look for something a little unusual that I can built a challenge around! In any case, I did find some ribbon and these really cool shaped beads (not exactly easy to see). They are dark unfortunately, might have been better to be bright, but I only had pink which didn't really go with my fabrics so these will work - the middle one is an apple.


other embellishments

I think my word might be "Party". That sounds like a good birthday word.

How did you get on? Did you pick out your supplies? 

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