My August Stitch Along Week 2

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This week I've been playing with paper and tvyek. I really like the effects you can get with tvyek, but don't really know good places to use it. I think this week it should work quite well. So what did I do? (If you missed the rules, you can find them here: Rules Week 1 and Week 2)

I started with some tvyek. It was white so I splashed on some paint just to make it more colorful. No idea why I chose red, green and white, guess I was thinking of a Christmas project I had in mind!

I let the paint dry and cut out roughly around the outside, then placed it under my Teflon sheet before pressing it. I see there was a spot or two that was still a tad wet.

Need to be careful that I don't overdo the heat here, otherwise it will melt away to very little.

This worked great, I love the effect it made. There are a couple of areas that it melted away to nothing though! I'll just do some careful positioning.

Since my word was Party, I draw a P on a piece of paper to use as a template to cut the Tvyek out. Much easier than trying to draw directly on the Tvyek.

Then I position the hole right under where I would cut the hole out of the P and simply cut both template and Tvyek at the same time.

Seeing as the P was big enough on its own, I figure I'd just cut the rest of the letters out of colored paper. I needed to show you all another option anyway.

Because paper isn't waterproof, best we make it waterproof as it wouldn't look too good if all those colors ran. We can do this by melting some plastic over them. I use a thick plastic bag, preferrably clear, but experiment with what you have. You could get some interesting results. I placed my 4 letters inside the plastic so it has plastic on both sides.

But just to jazz it up a little, let's add some threads as well. If you have a thread bag, just pull some out and throw them in. Little itty bitty bits of fabric are fine too. I just cleared my trash and didn't have any so unravelled some from reels.

Then threw it in over the letters, inside the plastic.

This time I made sure I had my Teflon sheet on both sides, under and over the plastic, and then very cautiously ironed it, just enough to melt the plastic to the threads and around the edges of the paper. It goes bubbly which is quite a cool effect. You can also put photos in plastic and protect them like this. I have done that but just melted the plastic on the very edges of the photo to seal them. 

After they were sealed, I cut them out leaving about an eighth of an inch of plastic around the outer edge of the paper.

They didn't turn out too bad although I should have moved the threads around a little better on the Y.

The other option which I didn't do this time was to glue all the letters on a piece of paper. If you did this, you probably don't want to seal it in plastic just yet as I have another use for that in a couple of weeks.

That's it for this week. Give it a try and see what you come up with. Remember to check the gallery too!

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