My August Stitch Along Week 3

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Okay, this weekend didn't turn out how it was planned! It all started when I went to cut my 12" squares for my stitch along project as mentioned in week 3 rules. The fabric I had, wasn't big enough to cut two 12" squares so it was back to the drawing board I had to go. No problem, I soon found another fabric that I felt would work just as well. This fabric was black with brightly colored dots. I'm thinking I must have a thing about dots this month!

new fabric

So with my two 12" squares cut, I marked in the measurements according to the rules, 1" from the top and 2.5" from the remaining sides.

fabric with measurements marked in

Now, the next problem arose. I realized the design area wasn't all that big and the letters I made last week were just not going to work because they were way too large for the area, no matter how I tried to position them. I considered just using the P for party but that didn't seem like a good choice.

party letters

Instead, there just happened to be a magazine sitting on my table. I had no idea why or how it got there, but I picked it up and right on the first page, were large (but not too large) purple letters in two words. In among the letters, I found P A R T and Y. Perfect! I cut them out and glued them to a piece of light card. They can do for the other part of this challenge!

new party letters

So back to my design area. I need to think up something that would represent birthday. I looked at my tyvek letters and thought, I really wanted to use tyvek in this project, but I need to think of something else. I went ahead colored some tyvek and melted it, wondering all the while what I should do. I had an idea! I decided I would cut out gift boxes from the tyvek - funky kind of gift boxes, not just square or oblong. They were funky alright, but still a little too large. I could fit two on, but I'm not really into even numbers and thought three might be better. Three were never going to fit, so it had to be one.

At that moment, a new idea came to me. This one particular shape looked more like a vase than a gift box so....

I stitched it on with black thread, near the bottom left corner of the design area. I left the top edge open. I have to admit, the roughness of the tyvek makes it quite difficult to stitch. I free-motion stitched it as I didn't think the regular foot would even ride over it.

vase shaped tyvek stitched in place

Everyone likes flowers for their birthday right? That's what I decided to make, a birthday bouquet. I couched on some green yarn for stems, poking them a little way down into the opening of the tyvek vase.

couched stems

Then I cut up the rest of the tyvek, purple, pink and green to make flowers and leaves. It sure isn't easy to cut nicely rounded flowers from tyvek, but I figured for this it didn't matter, this is mod art after all :) 

I stitched on the leaf shapes just through the center and I stitched a circle in the center of the flower shapes, trying to keep stitching to a minimum. This also leaves the edges free to bend about, making them 3-d. I was having fun for sure.

tyvek flowers and leaves stitched

I added some, then added some more and I was thinking I had enough to make up my bouquet, but took one last look in my box of tricks and would you believe, I found some rose buds. Perfect. I think they just add to it.

rose buds added in the bouquet

I haven't stitched them on yet. Debating whether or not to leave that until this project is put together.

birthday bouquet

This week was certainly a challenge, who would have guessed I'd ended up here when I started out? I surely wouldn't have.

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