My August Stitch Along Week 4

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It is time for me to put my blocks together to make my birthday tote. I will start by stitching the two blocks together (right sides are facing) down both sides and across the bottom. I also trimmed away the batting a little to make it less bulky.

Stitching sides and bottom of tote

With the bag still wrong side out, I pinch the center of the front with one hand and the back with the other, pulling them outward so that the side seam meets the seam along the bottom. This forms a triangle with the seam running through the center. Both seams should be right on top of each other and to help keep them in place, I push one seam one way and the other in the opposite direction.

Now I measure 2" up the seam from the seam point. If it is square, it should measure 2" out from the seam to the fold too.

2" along the seam

The diagonal line on the ruler helps keep me accurate...

Use the ruler for accuracy

...and I find it helpful to draw in the line so I can stitch along it. Be warned though, check inside to ensure all the layers are where they should be!

Draw perpendicular to the seam

Now I can stitch along the line. If it helps, put a pin in to hold the seams together. I find I don't need it with the seams pushed in opposite directions.

I do the same for the other corner. This is how it looks from the bottom....

base is made now we have created a base.

I trim off those triangles leaving a 1/4" seam, but only after I have checked the right side to make sure it all looks good.

Trim off triangle points

You can now turn it in the right way. That's all there is to it. If you want to line your bag, then do the same again with two squares of fabric the same size as the tote blocks (12" for me), but don't turn it, leave it with the right side in. Push it inside the bag matching up the side seams and baste around the top.

I added a lining inside

Next week I'll be adding the finishing touches!

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