My February Challenge week 1

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If you missed this week's rules, it's not too late. This challenge week is really easy, no sewing, just selecting some items to use. You can find the rules for week 1 here.

"Darkness to Light" is what I'm concentrating on, so my first thought was black for darkness and white for light. I collected a few fabrics. I have more that I can add, if I need them later, but I think five is enough for now.

Darks to lights

Seeing as there was no color at all in the above fabrics, I thought perhaps I'd select one or two colorful fabrics. These are really bright, but they do have dark and light in them so that will work.

Colorful fabrics with dark and light shades

Lastly I choose a couple of threads. These are variegated threads going from dark to light. The dark green to white (left) will look great on those black to white fabrics and the colored one will work just as well on the colored fabrics. 

Variegated threads with dark and light colors

I wonder what Jennifer has selected. I see she has sent me a photo. I'm just about to check it out and post it in the gallery. Won't you join us too?

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