My February Challenge week 3

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Inspiration comes from a lot of different places. This week I was watching my daughter show her 2 year old daughter how to draw spirals. It gave me an idea on the applique shape I should add to my challenge piece. Not exactly a spiral, but in a sense it is, just with straight edges because that's what I felt would work well with my background. (If you missed this week's rules, you'd find them here: February week 3 rules)

I started by drawing my ideal shape on freezer paper. I figured that this would work as a template for both applique and quilting. I placed it on the background just to be sure it would work as intended.

Freezer Paper shape on background

I selected one of the three fabrics that I'd chosen in week 1, I felt this one had the best color change from dark to light.

Fabric for applique

I draw three templates onto fusible, making one a little smaller than the other two, then positioned them on the background making note of where I thought the best place for the color change to be. My thought was to have the darker color on the lighter background and the lighter color on the darker background.

Audition fusible to get idea of fabric placement

I fussy cut them from the fabric this way.

Fussy cut fabric

Then I cut them out, positioned them and fused them on to the background.

Appliques fused in place

I changed my mind about the thread selection and wanted to use the bright variegated thread instead. I think it looks just the right match for the fabric.

Thread for applique stitching

I had fun stitching around the shapes twice. Fun because it was interesting to see where the colors of the thread ended up as I stitched.

Appliques stitched in place

I'm really enjoying this. Next week I will do the quilting using the template already made. I cannot wait to see what other quilts are sent into the gallery.

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