My February Challenge week 4

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This is the last week for February stitch along challenge. Next week we start a brand new challenge - be sure to join me as it will be a lot of fun with scraps. Also remember to check the gallery, it has been updated a couple of times this week: Gallery

This week we add quilting using our design element. You may remember that I already had my template cut from freezer paper so all I needed to do was press it in place and quilt around it. Easy enough and fun too. Here's what I did in a series of photos.

First I placed my template between the two larger shapes on the dark side, there was definitely a space that needed filling there.

I used my walking foot to quilt around it, jumping over the applique shape when needed.

The freezer paper is easily removed and can then be used again.

Here's what the first quilted shape looks like - I'd better remember to trim that drag thread! By the way, I used a different thread to the one used on the applique, this one was a rayon variegated thread which I had selected on week one.

Next I positioned the freezer paper template on the lighter side. As you can see, I'm going to need to stop and start a bit more often as the template goes over the applique quite a bit.

It's easiest to trim the dragged threads off before removing the template, that way it doesn't pull on the stitching. I do secure the quilting with several tiny little stitches close together at beginning and end.

Here is how my second quilted shape looks.

To balance it, I need another shape at the other end.

And I think, just one more. This one can go off the edge a little. 

That makes seven shapes. An odd number is always more pleasing to the eye.

Now all I need to do is bind it. I added the binding but as you can see by the 'pulls' it is only pinned in place at the moment, I still need to do the handstitching on the back!

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