My January Challenge week 4

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G is for glitter this week, the last week of this challenge. One of the things I love about these challenges is, I actually get a piece finished. Perhaps one day I will do an exhibition on them all, that would be fun. 

I decided that I wanted to make trails of butterfly dust (well I cannot really call it fairy dust, so butterfly dust it is) with glitter. I just happened to have the perfect glitter to do that, but I figured it would probably be best if I added the binding first, then I would have plenty of time to allow the glitter to adhere in place.

I found this cute black fabric in my stash that I thought would look great for binding with its criss-crossing lines.

binding fabric

I used what I call my back-to-front binding technique. I apply the binding to the back side of the quilt and roll it over to the front, then edge stitch it down. I do this when I want it finished quick and don't want to do handstitching or need a sturdier binding attached like for placemats and table runners. It works well and is neat, but I never think it is as neat as hand stitching to the back.

binding added

Next I went about adding the glitter to my quilt. Well the glue I had wasn't exactly new. I'd had it in the cupboard a couple of years at least so the first task at hand was to unplug the end. It still didn't seem to want to come out well and I ended up getting more glitter stuck to my hands than on the quilt. I think this glue was a bad idea!

I decide I'd better look for something more suitable.... and would you believe, a better choice. I forgot I had a gold glitter pen. It was the perfect color for my project and I could still use my first glitter choice with it which was tiny little shapes - hearts, stars and flower shapes.

I made trails of butterfly dust which you can see in the closeup.

butterfly dust

It's a little hard to see in the full photo.

Butterflies in flight

Another challenge completed. Did you check out the gallery?

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