My June Stitch Along week 1

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So today I was working on another project and I was thinking about the challenge while doing so. I happened to be digging in a container of samples and a block jumped right up at me. It was one I had started last year that I'd never got any further with and it was screaming at me, "use me". It just so happened it was made of strips so would work perfectly for the challenge. 

My selection is strips

The strips are all the same, but that doesn't matter so much. They are narrow enough for this challenge. The real problem might be is the fact that they were pieced onto batting and fabric using the stitch n flip technique, but I'll give it a shot and see how it works out.

So the next thing to do was decide on a background. My first thought was to use a yellow color because there was a hint of yellow in one of the teal fabrics.

yellow background

But I wasn't sure about that so I pulled a pale pink out of my stash. I felt that looked better.

pink background

However, looking at the photo, it definitely looked more like a dusky pink. I wasn't sure this would suit so back to the stash I went.

This time I chose a mauve shade. I like this much better and have decided this should be the one.

mauve background

Wow that was a quick challenge day for me, how did yours go? If you missed the rules for this week, you can find them here: week one rules for June

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