My May Stitch Along week 4

Posted by Ruth on 26 May 2014 | 0 Comments


I never quite got my stitch along project finished yesterday so had to get to today - a bad headache got in the way! But now, I'm happy to say my projects are finished.

Last week the rules were to use the main element as a quilting motif or to echo quilt around it. I decided to go with the echo quilting for mine. I used a light thread and after the first round, I was already liking the look. I almost stopped there!

But I carried on and completed the echo quilting right out to the edges.

Then I turned both my blocks into cushions by adding a border flange and using the main theme fabric on the back. I like the result a lot.

I just updated the Gallery too, so be sure to check out all the exciting projects in there! Click here to move right along to the Gallery...

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