February Stitch Along Rules Week 2

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Rules for our February Stitch Along will be pretty straight forward. Remember that "used" or "unfinished" item you have. This week you need to cut it up, but you can cut it up in any fashion you like and put it back together to form the top of your quilt - if you are making a quilt that is. You could always make it into a tote pocket or tray cloth or mug rug even, the choice is yours, as long as you cut that item up in some sort of way. 

Remember too, that you need to include the Valentine theme.

Here's an idea you might use. This is a spare block I had and I cut out the heart shapes from it. I can then applique it onto whatever I decide to make.

pieced pinwheel block applique hearts cut from the pieced block

This week Barbara joined in the challenge again.

"Here is what I have found so far. The two blocks with my favorite colors, a sample from an applique class I took online (hearts), glitter glues, foils, stamps, all things I bought thinking they would work for cards. We will see where this goes.".... Barbara

Barbara Stitch Along challenge items

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