May Stitch Along Rules Week 2

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I hope you collected any supplies to begin the challenge this weekend. Remember you can use your own flower photo or this one. Check back to Week One for a larger image if you need.

hibiscus flower for May challenge rules

So I was looking at the classes starting at AOQ which gave me two new ideas on how to make this flower. Machine Embroidery and Fast-Piece Applique (this latter is a piecing class which appears like applique). I won't be doing these, but if you are stuck for ideas or want to learn a new technique, here's the perfect opportunity.

Rules for Week Two of May Stitch Along

For this weekend's challenge:

  • draft up a template of your flower for the technique you wish to use
  • decide on how you want to create a background - it might be just one piece of fabric, Or maybe lots joined together (a crazy patchwork block could work!) Or maybe you have a ready made block that will work too.
  • create your flower and add it to your background or piece it in if that's your technique
  • go ahead and stitch it and add embellishments

Remember to send a photo of your work. This should be quick and fun OR spread it out over the month and learn something new. Your choice!

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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