May Stitch Along Rules Week 3

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For week three of our May challenge, I decided we should make this flower again but in a different way to last week's flower. The idea is to get your thinking of alternative methods of construction. You can use the same flower, or another if you like, but make the methods different.

hibiscus flower for May challenge rules

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Fabric/colors: will you change the fabric and colors OR use the same fabric colors but different fabrics?
  • Technique: will you change from pieced to applique or vice versa? or will you use a different method of applique or pieced? (meaning, if you used applique last week, will you still applique but try a different kind of applique - there are lots of possible methods and some for piecing too)
  • Sizing: will you make the flower the same size? how about the finished block size?
  • Embellishments: will you use the same or different?

One last thought, once you have your second block planned think about how you can use the two blocks together. Just thinking about this has sparked an idea in my mind. I hope it does the same for you!

So, for this week, think about the questions above.... and plan your block, maybe sketch out your thoughts on paper.... and collect all the things you need to make it.  I cannot wait to hear!

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