My February Stitch Along Week 1

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Would you believe I figured this challenge around a pillowcase? You see, several years ago I bought a set of Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases online but as it happened, the size in the color I ordered wasn't available - unbeknown to me at the time. The shipment arrived for me to find they had sent king-sized sheets and pillowcases. It didn't really bother me cause I thought maybe one day I might size up the bed and I'd have at least one set of sheets to fit. What I found though was the pillowcases were extremely long and I'm not likely to buy extra long pillows.

navy pillow slip extended

For now, I tuck in the excess ends so they fit fine - it is used!

navy pillow slip

But what I'd decided is to cut them down and make a third pillow case so this is what I'll be using for my challenge this month. I've actually been meaning to do this for a while so now is the right opportunity. By the way, the quilt in the background of the photo is Ribbon-fest

I looked in my stash to find some fabrics I thought might work. The blues are not exact so I may be better to work with the batiks which will disguise the color some.

fabrics matching navy pillow slip

Thinking along this line, I picked a few orange/rust fabrics which are the colors in the sunflower batik, the one I like the best.

fabrics matching theme fabric

They look nice, but I do have a problem. I'm not sure how I'm going to use a heart in those colors for my Valentine theme. I really like the sunflowers though. Hmmmm but sunflowers and hearts don't really work... I'm torn between the two... and another problem, I'm not sure there will be enough of that sunflower fabric and the leftover pillowcase fabric combined to make the pillowcase.

I found another batik in similar colors which looks nice too, and there will be enough of that fabric for sure. I also added in one of the blues that has the shades of the pillowcase so that should work.

extra fabrics

Well, I've picked some threads that might work with these fabrics, but I'm still not sure how I will include those hearts. Red certainly isn't an option here!threads to match fabrics

I'll think on that!

In the meantime, Gin is joining in with our challenge this month. She has sent in a photo to add. Here is what she has considered:

Step 1: I had been playing with these three small blocks and never did anything with them, so I am ready to recycle them. Step 2: I found some fabrics, thread, and a few embellishments that I think may work well together. Step 3: I chose the heart. Step 4: I think the way I feel about these recycle blocks and the pretty flowered fabric says Valentine to me.

Gin Stitch Along fabrics, threads and quilt blocks

Good one Gin! This is going to be an interesting challenge and at this point I have no way of knowing where it will end up.

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