My February Stitch Along Week 2

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I have to admit that I got off on a bit of a tangent with this challenge. I wasn't sure how to include the hearts with my fabric choices so I started to play around with design ideas. After a lot of playing I came up with several designs and a small cushion to celebrate the birth of my 3rd grandchild, Isabella.

heart pillow for quilt pattern Kaleidoscope of Hearts

Actually, this along with five other designs are now part of my new pattern Kaleidoscope of Hearts.

So you can see, I really did get off track here, but now back to the drawing board.

Often things "talk" to me as I work so I set to at cutting up the pillowcases. I cut off the ends which gave me a reasonable amount of fabric to play with.

ends cut off pillowcases

First things first, I needed to unpick the stitched sides.

unpicking stitching on pillowcase

I really didn't want to cut these sections up smaller for two reasons. I wanted a certain amount of solid blue so they didn't vary too much from the two plain pillowcases I still have and the Egyptian cotton is a lot softer than the batik so working them together may cause problems - although I could back it first.

I went about figuring out how much extra fabric I needed to complete the pillowcase and then auditioned a couple of possible ways to do that.

auditioning fabrics for pillowcase

auditioning more fabrics for pillowcase

I like the first idea best so went ahead and worked out what proportions I would need, cut the required amounts and pieced it together.

pillow case stitched - two of these are made

At this point I was still debating about those hearts! Orange hearts? Why not?  I drew 3 large hearts onto fusible and 3 of the next size as well. Originally I had drawn the hearts and stars inside each other to save space on the page, but now since playing with these, I realized that this con actually work as a design feature. I drew the smaller hearts inside the large ones and decided not to use the very small hearts.

Once drawn, I pressed each pair onto the three different orange fabrics I had. I cut out around both heart shapes making a total of 6 hearts.

heart appliques cut out and ready to attach

Now I'm able to audition the hearts on my pillowcase.

large applique hearts auditioned on blue

small applique hearts added to audition

The large hearts gave me the idea of linking so I sliced two of them and linked them through each other.

large hearts linked for front of pillowcase

I think I'll just include the three large hearts on the front and leave the smaller three for the back.

small hearts attached to back

Next week I get to add some stitching!

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