My February Stitch Along Week 3

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I had a bit of a stumbling block this week. I really was unsure of what I could do to create this pillowcase. I knew for the stitching that I would need some sort of stabilizer to prevent it from puckering, however being a pillowcase, I did not particularly want to use something too stiff. Of course, usually with washing, it does become softer, however I chose to use a thin layer of batting instead.

With batting intact, I started thinking about what and where to stitch. I decided I had better do a little practice first on a scrap of fabric with batting. Here's what I practiced....

single hearts freemotion stitched

Some single free-motion hearts

meandering with hearts freemotion stitched

A meander with hearts

solid hearts stitched using a builtin embroidery stitch

Built-in machine stitch - solid hearts

hearts stitched using a builtin embroidery stitch

Built-in machine stitch - heart outlines

Even with my practice, I was still unsure of what to stitch so I decided to start with stitching the applique first. I selected three threads to match the fabrics.

threads to match applique hearts

Then I double stitched using free-motion around the hearts on the front.

applique hearts freemotion stitched

It was then that I came up with the idea of using the same colored thread for each heart to stitch an echo line about 1/4" from the edge...

applique hearts echoed with freemotion

... I rather like this effect!

By the way, did you notice the difference in color between the two photos above. The earlier photos I took inside by the sewing machine as I stitched, but it was getting a little late in the evening so these later photos I took outside in the daylight, what was left of it. It makes a huge difference to the colors.

On the back, I double stitched the smaller applique hearts too, but there wasn't enough room between them to do the 1/4" echo stitching, so just for fun, I decided to make heart tails, like a kite, using free-motion stitching.

freemotion stitched heart trails

Here's how the stitching on the back looks finished.

applique hearts with heart trails

Next week I get to put my pillowcase together and add any finishing touches. How about you? Did you use hearts?

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