My February Stitch Along Week 4

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It is always fun to finish off a challenge and this one is no exception, and as a bonus, I ended up with a new pillowcase. I'd been thinking about doing this for some time so this challenge helped me complete it. I have to admit, it is so much nicer not having those extra length pillowcases!

Before sewing my pillowcase together, I decided to add just a tad of quilting to hold the batting in place underneath. I quilted just inside the seamline of the panel where I added the hearts. I did this on both sides of the panel.

pillowcase with contour quilted seam

The batting doesn't cover the entire back so this quilting holds the batting in place. With the quilting completed, I can now trim the batting back to the stitching.

trimming batting back to seam batting trimmed to seam

Usually, I have a backing fabric of some sort covering the batting on the back, but didn't this time mainly to see how it worked plus I really didn't want any more thickness than I needed. I did notice that the fabrics puckered a little more than usual as I stitched. Also, it was easy to snag the batting fibers and stretch them out of place, not to mention having them pushed down into the machine. I have to conclude that a backing covering the batting may be the better option, even if it is only a light weight interfacing. Of course, this does depend on the batting too. I will need to make sure I thoroughly clean out the bobbin case area before more stitching is done.

Stitching up the pillowcase is really easy. I hem the end that gets tucked in before placing the two sections together. Then fold the extension over the back... with both sections right side facing of course. Once pinned, it is just a matter of stitching around the three sides and turning it right side out.

Here we go, here is how it looks finished. Much better than I thought it would and I really don't mind those orange hearts.

pillow with applique hearts

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