My March Stitch Along Week 2

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This week I didn't get to do any sewing but rather played around with ideas for my creation. This is part of the fun when designing. I use the computer to do this as it is much easier to move things around, add and subtract objects, and adjust or manipulate them without wasting fabric.

Of course, we need to start somewhere so I used the image of the piano keys and traced them roughly. I really liked the unevenness of the keys - they are kind of funky so I draw them as such. I use solid lines for my applique shapes and dashed lines for where I would stitch.

keyboard outline with funky keys and stitching lines

Then I drew the outline of the vase. I drew the top as I would imagine it to be. 

drawing of vase outline

Now with my two objects, it is time to start playing around with ideas. I started by shading in the vase to get a better idea of what was in front and behind. Then I placed a large keyboard over the top. I was thinking of making the keys a different color where they intersected the vase. Nothing is striking my interest yet though!

greyed vase with keyboard over the top

So next I reduced the size of the keyboard and twisted it somewhat. I placed the vase on top of it and then added more, smaller keyboards floating around it.

vase with floating keyboards

This reminded me of music floating around which gave me the idea of adding musical notes, so I added some in. Remember the challenge didn't say anything about not adding in any more objects, so this is acceptable, as long as I use any two objects in the painting.

vase with floating keyboard notes

This is really getting to be fun. I added in some color - another good thing about using computer software to design instead of fabric. I pulled the photos of the fabric selections from last week into the software and used the Pick tool to select colors from the images. This isn't exactly how they look, but gives me an idea of what colors to use and how they look.

colored vase, notes, and keyboards

I am not really sure about that vase yet. I played around a lot with that making it smaller, using several different sizes, included 2 and 3 vases and even tipped them slightly. One I had the musical notes and keyboards coming out of the top, but it was too cluttered for my opinion. Right now I have settled with eliminating it as an object from the project and will use it in another way, so here is my final result without the vase included.

colored keyboard and notes without vase

Don't worry, I will bring the vase back next week. I have an idea!

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