My March Stitch Along Week 3 part 1

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This weekend's project took a lot longer than just one day! In fact, I think I will spread the construction over two posts as well, just because it is extra long. This ended up being quite a detailed background to construct.

I decided to first print of the design so I could cut it up and use foundation piecing to build the six sections. So I set my printer to work.

printed templates for foundation piecing

Before cutting up the page, I thought it might be wise to draw the applique shapes (notes) onto fusible. I used my lightbox to help show the lines through to the wrong side of the page.

drawing applique shapes using the lightbox

Once that was done, I cut up the sections. Three keyboard panels and three background panels with black lines. Thinking in advance, when it comes to joining them back up, I'll need to start with the top section and work my way down. I will take a mental note of that!

cutting template apart into sections

The individual sections will be easy to foundation piece, but first, I'll draw the main lines with a black sharpie pen so I can easily see the lines on the wrong side when I'm stitching. I cannot use the lightbox for that!

darkening the lines with sharpie pen so they show through to the back

Next, I needed to decide which fabrics to use. I want the red colors for the notes and originally I had decided to use the black and white for the keyboards, but I'm thinking I might change that to the blue fabrics - just for fun. Because of this reason, I decided I needed another blue so I increased my selection by one.

new blue fabric selection

From the blue fabrics, I cut strips a little wider than the two smaller keyboard sections. The light blue fabric (Hoffman Fabric watercolor which I love to use) I'll use for the main background area of the keyboard. I only need a narrow strip of this to start with.

fabric stripes cut to make keyboard panel

I joined the four "key" strips to the one long background strip. This will make the "key" sections of the keyboard.

chain stitched sections makes quick work

Now I align the first piece of background fabric to overlap the first line on the foundation by 1/4" thus giving me the seam allowance.

first section aligned with overlap for seam allowance

Looking at the "key" section I want to add, I notice that the existing seam line is at the wrong angle compared to the printed foundation.

seam line on next section is at wrong angle

This can easily be fixed by cutting a new angle on the section. I've made the cut and can see that the seam will align with the foundation now.

seam line is corrected by recutting edge

I flip the "key" section over so both pieces are right sides together with raw edges even, then sew along the line on the back side of the paper foundation. This makes a perfect seam! Now I can press the "key" section in place.

Of course, I need to trim the excess off. This too is easy. All I need to do is fold the foundation along the next line, align my rule on the 1/4" marking and trim off the excess which leaves enough for the seam allowance.

fold template back and trim off excess

Here's how it looks on the front.

first key section pressed in place

I keep working my way along the foundation in the same fashion until it is complete. I'm now wishing I'd changed that very light "key" fabric for a darker one, but there is no going back now!

first foundation section pieced

Time to trim those edges and again I need to remember to include a seam allowance.

foundation section is being trimmed

Wow, that makes quite a difference!

foundation edges trimmed to include seam allowance

The second panel was a lot faster to construct. I put all the sections back together (not attached, just positioned) to see the effect.

second foundation finished and auditioned

Then I continued with the last panel. I'm liking it a lot!

third foundation finished

Those lines on the paper sections look a lot like the lines on music sheets don't you think? That has prompted a new idea in my head which I'm about to embark on. I hope you'll check out my next post tomorrow to see where I went from here.

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