My March Stitch Along Week 3 part 2

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Are you ready to read the results of what transpired with my Challenge? As I mentioned yesterday, a new idea hit me as I was constructing the background. The construction lines I had put in for the background, reminded me of the lines on music sheets so....

I didn't piece the background. Instead, I drew in the lines because I wanted to keep them fine. I chose the lightest fabric to work with, white with black dots and circles.

I used the foundation papers to cut out the right shape and then the edge of the paper on the already pieced sections to make accurate seams.

joining foundation sections

So here is what my background looks like pieced together.

background completed ready to add applique

And from there I drew in the black lines using a black Pigma pen.

background lines drawn in with Pigma pen

I'm wondering if I really like those black dots and circles! But I'm moving on with it.

Now I'm ready to add the applique. I pressed the fusible webbing which I had the notes already drawn onto, to the back of the red fabrics I had selected and cut them out.

cutting applique notes

I realized that now I should remove the paper foundations from the back of the keyboard sections, so went ahead with that. They are very easy to remove. I just fold along the stitching line and gentle tear them out. They come easily as the stitches have perforated the paper and with the crease, they pull away.

removing paper foundation

So now it is back to the lightbox with template page (I needed to print another or just guess where to put the notes), pieced background and applique notes. The lightbox makes it very easy to align those notes, but of course, it doesn't matter if I change them a little. After all, it is my creation!

using lightbox to position applique

There is one last thing I need to do before I layer it ready for stitching and that is to use the "vase" element in some way. I have an idea! I will use it as a border so it gives one the impression of looking through a keyhole. Can you picture this in your mind?

To do this, I drew a large vase shape onto fusible webbing. I made it as large as I could without going over the edges of my pieced background. I could do this by laying the background underneath. I wanted to draw the vase so it would take in most of the keyboards and all the notes.

drawing of vase on fusible

From there I cut out a square of fusible, about 3" outside the vase I had drawn and pressed the whole thing onto a black fabric. By the way, I needed to select a new black because all the other pieces were just small scraps and not large enough for this. I cut out the vase shape and discarded that, then placed the outer section around my background. Here is how it ended up.

vase border

Can you see the illusion of looking through a keyhole? If you can imagine wide open spaces through the keyhole, then you should, otherwise, it will look like a decorative vase, but both work!

Now I can layer it and have it ready for stitching on Sunday. 

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