My March Stitch Along Week 4

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It's time for my favorite part of creating.... the stitching. I have to admit that I had intended to do quite a bit of stitching on this project but I was having some problems with tension on the sewing machine so I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but here's what I did....

Before getting underway with the stitching, if you remember, I was not terribly fussed on the black and white fabric I used for the background. But I had an idea. Why not turn some of those black circles into notes!

painted notes on black and white fabric

That worked rather well, don't you think?

Now on with the stitching....

I started by stitching around the applique notes using a red thread to match.

stitched applique note

Next I stitched down the border edges and also double stitched the black lines in the background.

stitched black background lines and border edges

Wow what a difference between the black pen line and stitched line - the two lines on the right are stitched and two on the left drawn.

comparing stitched black lines to painted black lines

I changed to a blue thread to quilt along the keyboard outlines as well as the keys. I also added the stitching in which I had drawn in the original pattern, however not all of it.

quilting keyboards and keys

I thought about adding more stitching in the background as I want to pack that down, however I was just having too much bother with the machine so didn't even start and I'm also thinking of cutting down the border frame quite a bit as I feel it is a little overpowering as it is. We'll see where this leads to and I'll update you in a future post.

quilting and applique stitching

In the meantime, you might add your suggestions below on how you would quilt down the background area.

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