My May Stitch Along Week 2

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Oh man, did I have a lot of fun with my flower stitch along this weekend. This could get really addictive! I even tried out something new. A technique that I refer to as back to front applique. You see, instead of fusing the back of the fabric to cut it out, I made a sandwich of backing, batting and fusible webbing - in that order so the fusible was on top. Then I cut pieces of green fabric and lay them on top of the fusible, making sure it was all covered before pressing it in place. It worked a charm!

back to front applique background

With my background built up, not stitched yet - that will come later, I began thinking about the flower. I printed out my flower photo and placed it on the light-box, then covered it with my lightest pink fabric instead of fusible which is what I would normally do. 

light fabric on lightbox over photo 

I drew the outline of the flower as a guide directly on the fabric.

flower outline drawn on fabric

With the outline drawn, now I used my paintstiks to darken the center. Red, white and navy was used and then I used the blender stick to mix them through. flower center painted using paintstiks

Time to cut it out now...

applique flower cut out

... and audition it on the background.

auditioning flower on background

My thoughts are to soften the background a little so I pulled out a couple of sheer fabrics to see how they looked. The first was white and the second was wide stripes of orange and blue. I really liked the change in color so I picked the latter.

softening background with sheer fabric - two options

Now time for the fun part! The stitching - my favorite free-motion. I will use 3 shades of pink thread for the flower.

pink threads for flower stitching

Usually I start in the center and work out, but this time, I decided to start with the light pink. You can see I stitched around the edge first, then added more stitching within the petal shape.

start of light pink stitching on petal

I think that's enough stitching for the light thread...

light pink stitching finished

... let's add the darkest pink next in the center.

second pink stitching finished

... and then the middle shade of pink to blend it all.

third pink stitching finished

I am liking the effects so time to move on to selecting green threads - again I chose three.

green threads selected for background stitching

.... and started stitching with the lightest thread on the lightest green fabrics. No need to blend these greens together.

light green stitching completed

How's it looking?more green stitching add

I finished off with the darkest green, then outlined the entire flower with the medium pink thread and added a stamen with a little light pink stitching and gold beads. I also trimmed the block. It ended up 8" square.

block trimmed beads added for stamin

As a finishing touch, I found this bee to add to the corner.

block finished with bee embellishment

Can you tell, I had a lot of fun? I'm almost tempted to make another. But I need something else for next week so let's see what I can come up with then. 

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