My May Stitch Along Week 3

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I have to admit, it is fun going back to the design board to recreate the same image again. It makes you put your thinking cap on to come up with different ideas. I'm not really a "piecing" person, but I figured this photo could work rather well as a foundation block so decided that's what I would do.

Foundation piecing is easy enough to create. I did so in Inkscape although I probably could have done it in Electric Quilt 7 as well. I'm just so familiar with the drawing features in Inkscape so that's where I headed. (Note: if you want to learn more about this, join me in my online workshop "Free Software for Quilters".

I pulled in the photo and then drew lines through it, starting with the first going through it from one side to the other (top to bottom on an angle). Then I divided each half making more lines from that first out to the edges. I ended up with eight sections which I again divided up following the edges of the flower. This is how it looked over the lines over photo

I removed the image, then took a copy of the outlines, grouping them all together. I flipped it to reverse it seeing as we need the print on the wrong side and labelled all the sections with the fabric color I wanted to use. Not too difficult at all.

foundation drawing of template with labels

I could have taken it one step further and added the numbering order, but I will figure that out as I stitch.

Next, I selected some fabrics. I decided not to use the same as the last block. I have four green fabrics that I will alternate, light, dark, light around the block and a light purple plus a gold for the center.

fabrics for foundation flower - green, purple and gold

I cannot wait to get started!

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