My May Stitch Along Week 4

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Last week I decided to foundation piece my flower. It actually went a little quicker than I thought and I think, with some pleasing results. I'm going to describe the process below so you can give it a try too. 

To start out, I divided the template up into sections. First along the central line and then each of the lines from the central line out to the edge. This made eight units in total. It looked like this cut apart.

foundation cut apart

So with the first unit, I needed to determine where to start. It is easy enough to figure out. You want to start with a seam that does not intersect with another. For example section 5 would not work because there is an intersecting seam touching it. I circled this in the picture below. The flower petal is where I want to start so that is the piece I labelled 1. There is only one section touching it where it has a complete seam - that is the small green section in the center. This I labelled 2. I worked in the same way to number all the sections.

first foundation section

Next I cut out pieces of fabric roughly, but large enough to cover the section making sure I had about 1/2" seam allowance around the edge. You can see these are rough and definitely need a press before I begin. A great way to use up scraps!

fabrics for first foundation section

I used my glue stick (water soluble so it washes out) to hold the first piece of fabric in place. I positioned it over the section on the back or unprinted side of the foundation with the wrong side toward the paper.

glue ready to stick fabric on foundation

Now I use an index card or regular greeting card to fold the foundation along the first seam line. That is the seam line between sections 1 and 2. This exposes the fabric underneath ready for trimming.

index card to fold along seam

With the ruler, I match the 1/4" mark with the folded edge and trim the fabric thus giving myself a 1/4" seam allowance.

trim back seam allowance

Now time to add the second piece of fabric along the trimmed edge with right sides together and raw edges even.

align fabric edges - right sides together

And stitch along the line. I usually reduce the stitch length so it makes it easy to remove the paper later. Notice I don't stitch beyond the end of the line either. Stopping and starting right on the dot makes it easier to fold along the seam lines without the stitches holding it down.

stitch on line

I've pressed the second piece of fabric in place.

press fabric in place

Now back to the index card and folding along the next seam line, between sections 2 and 3. I trim off the excess fabric leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

trim seam allowance

Here's the third section added...

second seam

... and the fourth and fifth.

second and third seams

Again, back to the cutting mat. This time after a good press, I trim the entire block leaving 1/4" seam allowance all the way around.

section trimmed

I repeat the process for all eight sections and then join them together. I've put them all together in a little slideshow so you can see them made and coming together.


That was fun and will make a nice block. I have an idea to combine both blocks which I'll bring to you another day. I hope you had fun too.

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