My September Stitch Along Week 2

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Those 2½" squares I'd found in my stash were perfect to get started with this challenge. I pulled the darkest out and starting at the top, lay out five columns and worked downward. I figured that once pieced that would make a top of 10" wide and if I went down 6 squares my piece will end up 10" x 12". Seems like a good size.

playing with background squares to create colorwash

I soon realized that I didn’t have enough pre-cut squares so needed to cut more from my blue range of fabrics too. I also added in some purple fabrics. I like mixing it up a bit.

adding more background squares to create colorwash

There is quite a definite line between the dark fabrics (sky - left side) and aqua shades (sea - right side), but I'm hoping the bridge will obscure much of that.

Now with the colorwash arranged it is time to began piecing it together - first in rows. I like stitching squares together by chaining them. That’s when you sew them set after set without cutting the threads. I could have used Chain Stitching for another C word!

chain stitching background squares

After they are sewn in rows, I press the seams in each row in opposite direction to make it easy to match seams...

joining background squares and pressing seams in opposite direction

…then I joined the rows to complete the background area. So my background is complete!

squares joined to make background

Before I finish for this week, I thought it would be a good idea to sketch my bridge. I don’t want it to go from top to bottom of the background so figured I would place a piece of paper landscape style across the background and draw the bridge from side to side.

sketch of bay bridge san francisco

I made most detail on the upright tower and its bracing. I'm thinking I will most likely cough the main cable and bracing… huh another ‘C’ word ‘cough’.

I’ll use my cream fabric to create the tower and deck and use fusible to do those sections. I'll darken those lines ready so I can trace them easily onto fusible next week. See you then!

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