My September Stitch Along Week 4

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yacht quilted aroundIt's time to finish up my project and make sure I used all the words in this challenge. I already had all my words included except for two “french knot” and “ripple”.

Ripple was easy. I mentioned this last week where I made the ripple along the bottom of the yacht. I’ll use a similar ripple to quilt the sea. Before I do however, I will quilt around the yacht.

sea quilted with rippling waves

I have been toying with the idea of quilting in the lines extending down from the cable to the deck on the bridge. I know once I start, I’ll need to complete. The lines are very fine so that will be quite a bit of quilting. I almost did this using my free-motion foot, but decided against it at the last moment because the lines were so close. I used the walking foot instead.

bridge lines quilted

The last area to quilt is the sky. I’ll keep that simple with a few swirls - huh! More words I could have used “swirl” and “sky”.

It’s hard to see the swirls in the sky so here is a close up. I used free-motion of course!

sky swirls quilted

Now with all the quilting finished, I just need to add the french knots. I’m thinking of adding several along the deck to represent cars in the distance. I started with black thread and distanced them along the top of the deck. Not sure if they represent cars, but I like the effect in any french knot along bridge

I added orange french knots randomly between the black ones. Then I added some white knots to finish french knot along bridge

white french knot along bridge

So if you don’t know how to make a french knot, they are pretty easy. Here's how to make a French Knot:

french knot step1

1: Bring the needle up from the back where you want the knot to be placed.

french knot step2

2: With the needle tip pointing toward the end coming through, wrap the thread around the needle 3-4 times.

french knot step3

3: Poke the tip of the needle back down very close to where the thread is coming up and pull the thread so it pulls into a knot on the surface.

french knot step4

4: Use your thumbnail to hold the thread tight as you push the needle & thread through the knot and quilt. I usually make a single stitch on the back to secure it.

I learned one thing while making this short tutorial, it's very hard to take a photo at the same time as making the french knot!

I'm rather pleased how this little quilt has turned out. There are a few things I can take note of and record in my journal:

bay bridge san francisco challenge quilt1: I think the yacht is a little too large for the picture, but it could be that it is just closer to the viewer and the bridge further away.

2: I should have stitched the criss-cross design on the bridge after the sea quilting so it appears in front of the sea. It is a little hard to see that, but I know it is there. I may even stitch over it again.

3: I like the black/white/orange theme of my french knots. I would like to make a quilt like this, well either orange or red included with the black and white.

4: I am enjoying more and more including some sort of hand stitching in my quilts. I enjoyed both the hand applique and making the french knots in this little quilt.

5: I’m finding I prefer doing the closer and more detailed quilting. I’ve always done small stipple but now tending to quilt my lines much closer. I’m anxious to try some of this detailed quilting in a bigger quilt! Yes it takes a long time, but it is also more rewarding at the end of the day.

I hope you had fun too, I did. Perhaps you'll join me for the next stitch along.

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