September Stitch Along Rules Week 1

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Stitch Along's are back! It's been somewhat of a trying few months but here I am back again and today, after moving into my new house last weekend, finally got the internet connected. I have to say, it's no fun having no internet and still trying to keep up with things.

Today I am introducing a new concept with my stitch alongs. I've had many requests from others to work along too which several have, but without any way to successfully record their notes and thoughts so I have created a work journal. I've made several of these journals already and have them available on the Arbee Designs website: Creative Journal Workbook 1, Creative Journal Workbook 2 and Creative Journal Workbook 3. These are quite detailed so click through on each link to find out more about them.

September Stitch Along workbookThese journals are what I'm introducing for the September 2016 stitch along, however it will work a little differently than those on the website. It will be a four-week program. Once you purchase the program (at my reduced pre-release price), you'll receive the first chapter. The following three chapters will automatically be sent free weekly when our challenge rules are posted. This pre-release price is only available for the month of September then it will jump to the regular price, the program will disappear and instead the four chapters will be released as a whole ebook rather than in parts. So if you are interested in joining in with September's stitch along and want the journal to record your progress, you can download it here: September 2016 Stitch Along Journal workbook

September Stitch Along Week 1 rules

collection of photos - click to get a bigger view on the previous blog post

This Challenge is a word game with photo inspiration. Due to my recent travels I decided to base this challenge on photos I took along the way. Last month I wrote a blog post about it and posted the photos that we will use for inspiration for this challenge. You can find the link here: Blog post 

Choose one of the photos to use as inspiration to create your artwork and to fill in the word game grid which I'll explain now.

How this word game works: It starts with one word or phrase down the left side of a grid and categories along the top. The word will be "San Francisco" which is where many of my photos were taken.

The categories will be based on quilting. I will use “colors” in the first column, “techniques” in the second, “other” useable words in a third. Remember “other” still needs to be associated with quilting in some way whether it be a shape or object, type of fabric or embellishment. As long as you can use it or create it in your project, it’s acceptable.

September Stitch Along word game grid

Draw up a grid. In the spaces that connect, you fill in each cell with a word using the category at the top and starting with the letter on the left. You will need to put your thinking cap on and come up with as many words associated with quilting, sewing, fabric, embellishments etc starting with each letter. It could be a technique, a fabric/thread color or anything you could include in your artwork.

I'll get you started with the first line. You can add more or use what is there. Not all sections need to have something in them, but the more you have, the more selection you get to work with…. And feel free to add multiple entries in each grid square. Try to make repeated letters such as “S” different between each row.

Once your grid is fill, select one word from each row (eg one word for S, one from A etc (note some letters are repeated). Underline them. You need at least one from each column too (in other words, don't select all colors - not much you can do with that!) Collect the items if you can or make note of it as a technique like applique, then take a photo of your collections and send them to me so I can post them with next week's rules.

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