September Stitch Along Rules Week 2

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Are you ready for Part 2 of this challenge? I know I am! I'm really eager to get back into some quilting. Let's get started...

w2 rules emmas fabrics and threadsRules Week 2

Make a final selection of which word you will use, one word for each letter along the grid. If you cannot decide on something for a letter, find a fabric print of a word that begins with the letter - say I for ice cream (yummy), cut it out and applique it to your project OR perhaps you might choose the word ‘invisible’ and have a cat hiding in a flower bed invisible to the eye... Anything goes as long as you can represent each letter. Use your imagination!

Plan your project around your word list and chosen photo. Remember: it does not have to “be” the photo. You use the photo as inspiration to create!
Make sure you know how you want to include each item/word and start constructing a background. It might be pieced or one whole section. You might want to sketch something out first.

By the end of this challenge part you should at least have a background constructed. Try to keep it small, say the size of a piece of paper or a little larger if you wish. If you really like what you create, you could make a series for placemats!

Remember to record anything you change or alter from your original thoughts or if you came up with another idea. Jot it down even if you don’t use it this time, you’ll have it for reference next time.

Changing and altering your original thoughts is creativeness at it’s best. Don’t be afraid to create what feels right to you!


Emma is working along with this challenge. Here are her word list pages from her journal and chosen fabrics.

Emma's journal pages

S for stitching; A for applique; N for navy;
F for free-motion; R for reverse applique; A for aqua;
N for nature; C for cream; I for invisible thread; S for sun;
C for cotton; O for olive

Emmas fabrics and threads

Did you think of other words too? Add them to the comments below.

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