September Stitch Along Rules Week 3

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Emma's quilt background for week three of the Stitch AlongHow are you coming along with your challenge piece? The instructions for this week are coming up next, but check out how Emma is getting along first! She has created an amazing background with lots of details as you can see in this photo. She's enjoying filling out her journal pages also, it makes for an interesting read! 

September Week 3

You should have your background created and most likely still have words left to add. Think about those words you still need to include. Maybe you want to change them or use them in a different way. Remember changing is creative!

If you are adding applique to your project, now is the time to add that. Choose a suitable method or try a new technique. These small projects are great to trying new things.

You’ll want to finish off this week be attaching any applique shapes and also planning quilting. Remember to layer your background with batting and backing too!

Tip: By taking a photo or scanning your piece into the computer, you can then print it out several times in grey scale. This allows you to draw your stitching lines directly on the printout. Use a different photo for each style of quilting you are considering. Another method is to pull the image into a program like Inkscape where you can draw the lines with the computer - this saves paper and ink! PS: Inkscape is free software you can draw with. I teach a class on this along with other free software at You might want to check it out if you are serious about pattern drawing, picture outlining or just wanting to learn more about it: Free Software for Quilters

Our journal for this stitch along is still available, you can find it here: September Stitch Along Journal

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