April Stitch Along - week 4 instructions

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This is going to be my most favorite week of all! I think I'll call it Windows :) You'll need 3 pieces of paper or card this week about the same size as your three projects - not essential, but I think it will make it easier - and some extra fabric.

April Rules for Week 4

Note: If you only managed to make one of the projects, you can still do this part.

Lay out your projects in a row - it can be horizontal or vertical, it doesn't matter. You'll probably want to square them up first.

Pinpoint the three areas of each project that you like the best. Mark the center of each area with a pin and get a rough idea how big each area will be.

Use circles or squares around the pinpoints. You'll want at least a 2" diameter. If you have several of the small square rulers, that could be helpful to determine the points - or you could cut squares or circles out of template plastic. Note: It's okay if the three areas overlap a little but try to avoid getting right on the edge of your project.

template plastic or clear ruler will help pinpoint the best places

Once you have determined your favorite areas, replicate them onto paper or card of the same size as your project. Cut out the circles or squares in the paper. This will act as your template. Place the template over your project to see that it is correct. Make any adjustments and use your paper template to cut out your 'cover' fabric, but I suggest you use a plain or textured fabric, not a busy print because that will take away from all your beautiful work which you want as the focus points.

  • Note1: if you want to turn under the raw edges of the "windows" be sure to cut inside the area so you have a small seam allowance.
  • Note2: Optional: Make your 'cover' fabric larger than your piece so you can cover the edges of your background section by wrapping it around to the back instead of binding it.

Repeat this for all your projects. The "windows" will all be in different places. Add the over fabric and finish off the raw edges around the "windows" by either turning them under or raw edge stitching. Couching would work well here too!

Decorate the 'cover' fabric in any way you like, or not at all. You might use beads or stitching or couching.

Join your three projects in a row or bind/finish them individually and hang in a row to finish off.

There is quite a bit to do this weekend but you can do it over two weekends as we have an extra week for April before the next Stitch Along begins! I can't wait to see...

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