March Stitch Along - week 1 instructions

Posted by Ruth on 2 March 2017 | 3 Comments
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Welcome back to Stitch Alongs. If this is your first Stitch Along with me, it is very easy to join in. Just follow the instructions each week to create a small art quilt. We usually try to make them no more than a standard piece of paper, but you can make them any size you like. We like to see what you create so send in a photo once you have completed the instructions each week. These challenges are a great way to try new techniques or test out your designing skills. I hope you will join me as we create a fun challenge for March. 

neutral fabrics - black, grey and whiteSo for Week ONE of this challenge, you will be collecting the following:

  • Neutral fabrics - you will need various shades and be sure to choose a light, medium and dark, ie: white - grey - black or cream - tan - brown
  • Collect ONE more fabric that contrasts your neutral fabrics
  • Threads in the above fabric colors. Do not introduce any new color for this, but the threads don't exactly have to match the fabrics

For the above fabrics add an extra challenge by only using your scrap fabrics (it's okay if you don't have scraps just dig into your stash) 

Now here is the important bit - the challenge is to cut up some pieces WITHOUT the aid of a ruler. There is no straight cutting. You can use scissors or rotary cutter but do not draw lines or use a ruler with your rotary cutter. Just eyeball it and be free with your cuts. Cut squares or rectangles, triangles and strips. Cut curves if you want to make it more difficult for yourself.

Let me know how you got on by leaving me a comment below and if you have photos of the fabrics and threads that you'll be using, please send it in and I'll post it for others to see.

Happy Challenge!


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  • When will the next post be out?

    Posted by Ellie B, 17/03/2017 5:07pm (5 years ago)

  • I have my browns and red fabrics. I am ready.

    Posted by Ellie B, 11/03/2017 1:31pm (5 years ago)

  • Chose beige thru chocolate brown with prints on all except beige. Cuts made. Cannot get my photo to drag and drop here!

    Posted by Ellie B, 07/03/2017 4:39pm (5 years ago)

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