May Stitch Along Instructions for Week 2

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stitch-along challenge - bright colorful half inch squaresDid you get your little squares cut up? If not, there is still plenty of time. I made a start but think I will need to add more. I have sorted them into three groups. Blues, reds and yellow/orange. I do think I will add some more bright yellow squares because these mainly look orange!

Rules for Week Two

This week you will need to make a grid on your fusible webbing - probably half an inch will do. It will be used just as a guide for placement. Either draw it onto the paper side of your fusible or place the fusible over the cutting mat so you can see the lines through it making sure the fusible side is up and paper side down. Do note that you will need to move this so you can press your fabrics in place once they are positioned on the fusible. A better option may be to place it on a paper grid on the ironing board.

Using your grid and the small squares you have cut out, position them in such a way to make a sunset or sunrise. You want to make it as bright as possible. Do a google search for ideas. Once you do the search be sure to click on the "image" tab to see all the amazing images, then use any - just as inspiration - to place your squares, filling in all the fusible. The squares can overlap ever so slightly, but not too much. Do make sure you don't have any gaps. Tip: you may or may not, want to think about a horizon line.

When you have a pleasing arrangement - make sure you use a Teflon sheet or baking/parchment paper over the top - press the pieces in place. Give them a good press to ensure they have adhered securely. Turn the fusible web over and press again, this time with your Teflon sheet underneath to protect your ironing board. Ideally, use two Teflon sheets, one on the top and one on the bottom to protect both iron and ironing board. That fusible makes a nasty black gooey mess!

After you have it all pressed in place, trim away any large areas (if any) that are not stuck down and add extra pieces to any exposed fusible. That's it for this week, but do send in a photo because I think you should have an amazing piece already!

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