My April Stitch Along Week 3

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photo of tree trunkThis week I decided not to do the leaves - instead, I chose the moss on the tree trunk.

I thought 2 fabrics would work for this, a brown trunk-like fabric and a silver.

fabric selection - silver and brown fabric

I cut the background from the brown fabric making it 7" x 9", the same size as my previous pieces and layered it with batting and backing fabric. I cut a 6" square of the silver fabric and fusible webbing then pressed the fusible to the wrong side of the fabric and removed the backing paper. Using my small sharp scissors I began cutting wiggly shapes. I didn't bother following along with the picture but rather just let my scissors go where they wanted. 

The whole 6" square was cut up and then I positioned the pieces, some overlapping other, on the background. Once I had the pieces positioned to my liking, somewhat like the photo, I pressed them all in place.

applique applied to background

Now it was time to stitch them down so I selected a number of threads in brown, gray and silver.

threads selected

I started by stitching down all the raw edges with the light gray thread - free motion of course!

beginning edge stitching with free motionfirst edge stitching completed


Next, I added the dark gray thread, outlining all the silver fabric and making squiggles in the center so it would resemble moss....

dark edge stitching completed

... here's a closer look.

closeup dark edge stitching

I wanted to add highlights around the 'moss' edges so began using the silver thread, however, it didn't stand out so well...

silver stitching

so I scrapped that idea and used white rayon thread instead...

white stitching

That completes the moss! Now for the trunk. This is very easy with the type of fabric I selected. I used the dark thread to free motion stitch along the lines of the fabric.

free motion stitching on tree trunk

I changed to a lighter thread and added more stitching.

closeup or free motion stitching on tree trunk

This is how it ended up.

free motion stitching on tree trunk completed

It's not really like the photo but it's my interpretation which of course, is my artist license! How did you get on?

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