My April Stitch Along Week 5 part 2

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Time to continue on from yesterday's post! For my second design, I switched around how I did the stitching. Still starting with the circles, I free-motion stitched around the raw edge to keep them in place, but left them at that, deciding to add any couching after the quilting was completed.

project 2 starts with free motion

Again, I used echo quilting, varying the widths of stitching between each row. I like the movement or rhythm this creates, kind of like the beat in music - when the lines are close together, the beat is quicker and when they are further apart, the beat is slower.

project 2 free motion finished

With the background finished, I needed to think about finishing off the edges on those circles. Looking at the piece I determined a dark outline would be best so searched in my bits and pieces to find something suitable.... but I wasn't having any luck, that's when the idea came to me about painting the edges instead. The paint would also help to prevent the fabric from fraying but I did add some more free motion stitching - in a dark thread - around them as well, just to make sure.

project 2 painted raw edges and free motion outlined

This idea gave me the thought to add color to those design circles on the first project so using a light tan color, I colored them in...  and I also colored the connecting line. 

project 1 colored circles in background - closeup

project 1 finished with colored areas

Did I like it? Not really but it was worth trying.

Time for my third project! I started by free motion stitching around the raw edges of the circles. Again I decided to leave the finishing of those edges until later. Thinking back to my first project, I thought I might use the same sort of design circles to connect the small circle that was floating out of line from the others (that one right in the center). The area below it was quite open so I used my designs circle-line (just an outline without filling in the circles) through that space to connect that sole circle.... I rather like this so I decided to join all the circles in the same way!

project 3 free motion stems to connect the windows

I then filled in the rest of the background as I've done with the previous pieces...

project 3 free motion echo quilting in background

In doing this, I realized those connecting design lines have disappeared into the background.... so added some darker thread to make them noticeable again.

project 3 free motion stems in dark thread

Now to finish off those edges. I decided to paint them again... but I didn't stop there! I also decided to add a little paint - just lightly - to those connecting stems. They remind me of seed pods! Now I'm thinking wouldn't this be a great way to decorate around the bottom of a vest or jacket?? 

project 3 painted edges and stems

I think this has been one of my favorite challenges!

April stitch along finished projects on display

I'm all finished now except for the binding of my three pieces and hopefully, I'll get to that sometime during the week in my spare time. Do take a peek at our gallery page and see how Barbara finished one of her pieces: April Stitch Along Gallery

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